“Our goal is to enhance each client’s natural features.”

Nationally accredited cosmetic tattoo artists. We work only with the highest quality products and equipment. Where possible we use ethical, sustainable, organic, vegan-friendly applications. Our serums, pigments, cleansers, and toners – you name it, are all purchased with ethics and conscious living in mind.

Every client is unique, so every work of art is a unique creation. When you book in for one of our free consultations, we will take the time to understand your goals, discussing the looks you love, your regular makeup use, your skin type, and any concerns you might have.

Expect More

When you come for one of the treatments you will feel nothing but radical acceptance for the person you are and wish to be. That’s our promise to you. We are here to help highlight your natural beauty, not judge you.

Hi, my name is Claire Ryan and I am the owner of BEAUTY COSMETIC. I am a happy mother of a happy seven-year-old boy. When I’m not spending time with my family, I am in the studio doing what I love, working with you!

I am a nationally accredited Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, completing my qualifications in Sydney, Australia. Being a PMU Artist is such a rewarding experience. Seeing my client’s face light up at the end of the appointment gives me an absolute buzz & I love it!

It is an honour to have my clients choose me to do their brows & share their stories. A lot of trust is put into my hands on their beautiful faces.

A Passion For Highlighting Your Natural Beauty.

Cosmetic tattooing works with your natural features to enhance your beauty, day after day. Colour is achieved by using specialist cosmetic, vegan-friendly pigments, rather than ink (as in traditional tattoos). Discover how our pigments and products provide the highest level of quality.

We use quality, vegan and cruelty-free, pigments. These are tailored to each client’s skin type and colouring to achieve a natural-looking, semi-permanent makeup effect.


Certification & Sanitation

We’re approved to provide cosmetic tattoo services by the Government and local health department & Certified for the treatments we offer.

The high-quality pigment is implanted into the superficial dermis of the skin with a fine needle, or a microblade. All instruments are all single-use to prevent infection.

All work areas are sterilised after every client with hospital-grade disinfectant. We wear appropriate PPE and have current qualifications in maintaining infection control.

Once you arrive

Deciding to get a cosmetic tattoo or needling can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what to expect.

That’s why we offer free consultations, to help ease those nerves and let you ask all the questions you need.

On the treatment day, once you arrive you will fill out some paperwork and revise our consultation requests. We cleanse the skin & start the numbing process.

For tattooing, we pre-drawn your makeup. Once you’re happy with the pre-drawn area the treatment will begin. The entire appointment lasts approximately 2.5 hours

Are you a good candidate?

Before beginning any services we need to determine if you are a good candidate for cosmetic tattooing or needling, before booking your appointment.

This applies to clients with recent scaring, Botox, fillers, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion. 

For example, if you have skin that keloids are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, are pregnant or breastfeeding, are on blood-thinning or acne medications or have eczema, you may not be able to book an appointment at this time.

We have a pre-care sheet that we strongly encourage you to read over prior to booking any appointments.


Once the treatment is finished, it enhances features of the face: eyebrows, eyes, and lips. How much so, depends on the design, type of colour used, and amount of pigment that is injected into the skin.

Immediately after the tattooing is finished, the result may look too dark. This is because the colour is still in the outermost epidermal layers of skin – near the surface.

In time (not too long – a few days) skin will heal, the upper layers of the epidermis will be replaced by new epidermal cells, and the colour will fade remaining lighter but still present.

The correct aftercare is crucial for the best healing results.

Tired of spending time and money on your makeup routine?
Let’s create together.

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